I have co-owned Mobility Plus of CA., a home medical equipment business since 1995, and in that time have learned a few things. In our effort to help baby Boomers, Seniors, and those with disabilities, one thing rises to paramount importance: PERSONALIZED CARE.

We all know that there is “a lot of salesmanship going around” and unfortunately people in real need are the ones that most need “BUYER BEWARE” safeguards.

Speaking on behalf of Mobility Plus of CA. we care about the people we serve. I know that if you receive an item, a service, or a remodel you had better get PERSONALIZED CARE, A FAIR DEAL, AND RELIABLE FOLLOW-UP!

In our industry, all companies are not the same. For many, it is all too easy to “go after the sale” and not look primarily to the interests and needs of the customer or patient (if it is a physician prescribed item).

Because of the great need for mobility and home access solutions, I have seen many companies advertise in the Central Valley and Foothills communities with great “salesmanship”. At Mobility Plus we have heard probably hundreds of complaints about companies who “Did not care enough” about their customers.

Conducting business by CORE VALUES: to care enough to view each customer like family – building a long term relationship is the RIGHT APPROACH!

So before inviting a representative from a nationwide company into your home, ASK YOURSLEF:  Do I really believe they will be providing me the best value, and will they give me the long term personalized care I need?

When you see TV ads for Walk-in Tubs” or Stair lifts remember: That company is investing heavily in drawing you in and ultimately you will foot the bill (in one way or another).

Choosing a qualified local company you can trust is where you should go.

Once you find somebody you trust, work with them and as far as mobility and accessibility goes, “If you need it …. Get it!”

If you are having a functional limitation, you owe it to yourself to receive personalized care in important decisions that can MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.



1          Manual or Powerchair: “What really is best for your long term mobility?”

2          Mobility Scooter: “Have you really identified the features most important to you, the long term issues, and then made an informed decision?”

3          Vehicle mounted Carrier: “Do you really know which type of carrier for your Scooter will give you the transportability that you need?”

4          Lift Chair: “While fabric selection may be relatively easy, have you seriously weighed the value of comfort upgrades, infinite positioning, heat & massage?”

5          Ramp(s): “With so many ramp and threshold options (Railings, solid, single or multi-fold, threshold) are you equipped to make an informed decision?”

6          Stair Lift / Porch Lifts:  “Are you being given all the benefit options from different products – including variance in weight capacities and warranties?”

7          Accessible Tub or Shower: “What really best suits your bath safety need?”

8          Home Remodel for Accessibility: “Will the company you work with fully understand and anticipate every aspect of your mobility and accessibility needs, and provide the remodel you need?

The entire staff at Mobility Plus is here to help you examine the options and find the mobility and access solutions that are right for your particular needs.

Hope this helps,

Laurence R Patchett, M.A. (CEO, Mobility Plus of CA.)

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