Why consider a Roll-In Shower (Or Walk-in Tub)?

There have been frequent TV ads for walk-in-tubs. But wait … is this really the best fit for those with unstable mobility, who simply are not willing to take the risk of having a (potentially devastating) fall?

Walk-in Showers provide a flexible alternative


NO WAIT FOR WATER TO DRAIN. Likely this going to be a desirable feature for you, to just get in and get out when you are ready.

ADAPTS TO FUTURE NEEDS. Suppose you were not comfortable getting up out of a wheelchair to get into the tub. Here is where the Roll-In-Shower really becomes the solution of choice. Just roll in!

GREATEST EASE OF INSTALLATION: With a shower there is no need to bring in special electricians or plumbers to get the installation done. This of course saves time and money and the entire project very easy to manage. Pre-fabrication means No contractors mud to set, again saving time and money.

DURABLE BEAUTY: Each shower come with tough composite built and reinforce walls, with an attractive gelcoat finish. These BEST BATH showers are easily customized to fit your preference in terms of colors and tiles.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Shower come with pans (not tiled floors) for super easy cleaning and maintenance. Pre-leveled floor make for a perfect slope to drain.

COST EFFECTIVE: Each tub comes with pre-installed plumbing, plus all the necessary connections, making installation relatively simple and trouble free.

RELIABILITY: Built to last a lifetime. Each BEST BATH Roll-in-Shower comes with the peace of mind of a 30-year limited warranty.

I may be biased, but there is nothing that provides peace of mind like working with a local dealer who will also give you the best buy around.

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM to check out our fully dressed DEMO SHOWER!

Hope this helps!

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