What can I do to de-compress?

Accumulation of pressures that require a response cause hidden stress build up. When a person cannot get away to process this buildup, they cannot clear their head. The body then stores stress as knots or undetected tension clusters.

What I have found is that by getting away to a peaceful place it becomes possible to decompress (life’s pressure feel life compression).


A commitment which includes a schedule and discipline is ultimately what works best. Schedules however are often difficult to follow. Perfection is not necessary, only progress.

Secondly, it is good to think about the gear needed to be comfortable and successful. For me this includes a headset CD player, Thera-bands, a folding chair and mat or towel, neck pillow, notebook, binoculars, food and drink. (A dog is optional!)

There are some terrific home pain management products that should become part of your home arsenal if you are serious about enjoying the benefits of de-compression.

If you are posturally compromised and especially if you have frequent headaches, I highly recommend the POSTURE PUMP Dual Disc Rehydrator along with postural support cushions.

Another great tool to have at home is the HT Foot Massager. For working out knots and stress clusters the best low cost item I have found is the Thera-cane. Massage and Light Therapy tools are also very good to increase circulation wherever you need it.

Benefits in making decompression a habit include:

  1. More relaxed and in touch with yourself
  2. Improved sleep
  3. More energy / A clearer head
  4. Improved posture
  5. Doing more things you enjoy
  6. Better listening skills, improved relationships
  7. Renewed motivation and creativity

Hope this helps.

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