What are Designer Mobility Scooters?

EW-27 E-Wheels CROSSOVER Pre-Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters, originally referred to as “CARTS” or Electric Scooters, were long considered just for “old people” or disabled individuals. Not any longer!

As Scooter popularity grew, people wanted to go faster than 4 or 5 MPH. We kept looking for (and selling) faster scooters that traveled at a time speed of 8 MPH. These models continue to be very popular, among them are the: Pride Victory Sport or Pursuit.

In my 13 years of providing MOBILITY SCOOTERS, it is very gratifying to see manufacturers respond to the public desire for FAST, SAFE 3-wheel and 4-wheel mobility scooters. More 8 MPH models have led to the new 15 MPH models.

E-Wheels has now provided us with perhaps the most stylish of the 15 MPH mobility scooters. These fast mobility scooters are terrific fun! On a practical level, they are convenient transportation for those who want assistance for traveling longer distances than they can (or choose to) physically walk.

The NEW EW-27 is a true “DESIGNER” SCOOTER

Top speed of 15 mph at the top of 3 basic speed settings.

 This scooter has some very appealing features: Oversized tires, high ground clearance, shock absorbers, reflectors, front basket, electric horn, small back seat (perfect to carry groceries or other “gear” or even a pet or small child!), mini back rests, and full light package. Weight capacity is 350 lbs.

The color trim options are extremely attractive: The blue and white trim, and the orange and purple model.

Batteries are easy to re-charge and have a 35 mile (daily) range.

The EW-27 is generally a safe and stable mobility scooter to consider for those with full use of their extremities, possess good hand eye coordination, and have adequate core strength and stability.
Hope this helps!

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