Tackle Stress, Pain and Fatigue and Win!

The big three issues around the aging process may be:
Stress, Pain, and Fatigue

Solutions may seem simple, especially for those without the problem.  However the keys are deeper than “Eat Right, Exercise, and Get enough sleep”.

Mental and emotional stress are the primary causes of pain, which is the direct result of nervous tension, ultimately leading to fatigue.

To reduce nervous tension starts with a happy heart which correlates with a happy brain. Without this, it is going to be a chore to “get up and get going,” or even to truly “let go and let God.”

3 keys to reducing stress:


3-KeysMaking your brain happy …… Fuels your inner capacity and motivation

Get up and get going …………  Productivity plus exercising provides energy

Let go and Let God …………    Heart transformation brings a successful life

If step #1 is “making your brain happy” then how do we make this happen? Even if we can go out to the park and take a long walk by the river, we still will need to take inventory. By this I mean look into our hearts. Listening prayer and journaling can be a huge help.


1.    Unforgiveness: Is there any hidden core pain? Any resentment? Any hidden bitterness? … Sense of Entitlement? … Feelings of being oppressed in any way? If so, work on giving up expectations!

2.    Self-centered focus: Are you thinking about how to care about others? Who is in your life that you can be a blessing to? Are you doing all you can to contribute to others in a positive way? If not, then pursue a change of heart, to be more available and loving!

3.    Discontent (lack of gratitude): Are you unhappy about what you do not have? Or are you grateful for what you do have? Do you rejoice that you were created by God, unique, and in his image? If not, get down to business and practice being a blessings counter!

4.    Negative Mental “ruts:” It is all too easy to feel less than others or “not enough” ….. Do you find yourself to be depressed? Impaired? Trapped? Unmotivated? Stuck in routine? Is so, Motivate yourself to get cleaned up, and get up and get going!

5.    Lack of quiet reflection:  Most people learn to not take for themselves. We all need personal renewal time. Are you getting out 3-5 times every week to a place you can have quiet reflection? Do you have a lifestyle that promotes regular renewal? If not, Find your personal favorite place where you can “let go and let God,” get some exercise, do things you enjoy, and release hidden stress!

Hope this helps.

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