When Should I Consider a Knee Walker?

Turning Leg Caddy: A solution for non-weight bearing injuries

Everybody knows about crutches. They are uncomfortable, painful to use, and just plain cumbersome. In addition, they don’t entirely keep us off our injured foot or ankle.
A few years ago companies starting making “knee walkers” as a better solution to crutches. The idea was to place your knee on a pad elevated above front and rear wheels, grab onto the handlebars and slide along. The problem was that every time you wanted to turn, you had to pick up the front end and set off in your new direction. The result: not really very user friendly.

Enter the Turning Leg Caddy (the new version of knee walker). This device has hit the big time for anybody with an injured foot or ankle that you want to protect from being weight bearing. (After all, healing time is a big deal, and so is keeping yourself moving).

TurningLegCaddyThe big improvement here is, you guessed it, the Turning Leg Caddy is steerable. It is very portable, comfortable, easy to use, allows you to heal, and is readily available as a SHORT TERM RENTAL at Mobility Plus of CA. (627 Galaxy Way in Modesto CA). We have a large demand for rentals of Turning Leg Caddies (it seems there are a lot of sprained ankles going around) and we always try to keep an ample supply on hand.

So, before you go out for a pair of crutches, remember the Turning Leg Caddy. They are the affordable way to keep you moving while your foot or ankle is going through the healing process.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please call MOBILITY PLUS OF CA. (209) 552-2244. Or Visit our showroom at 627 Galaxy Way in Modesto.

Laurence R. Paschett
CEO, Mobility Plus of CA.

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