What is the best Reclining Lift Chair?

Owning a Lift Chair (AKA Lift recliner) is all about the ease of that little motor that drives you and your recliner up to make standing a breeze. There are a few questions people may have that I would like to address.

When should I think about getting a Lift chair?

Are you (or a loved one) struggling to get up – straining to finagle themselves up and out of that comfy recliner? I would say that is a good time. Waiting serves no purpose but to invite the struggle to continue.

What do I need to know to get started?

First, the person that will be using the Lift Chair needs to get into a showroom to try them out. You should take advantage of expert advise. There is a dizzying array of choices and I do not advise that you “go it alone”.

How do I make the right selection?

You simply must go to a store that stocks a good selection and can help you make the right buying decision. At (Mobility Plus of CA). (Located in Modesto Ca.) we stock a sampling of the very best and most popular Lift chairs at affordable prices. There you can work with sales people who are familiar with all the choices and options, including the all important power options: 2 position, 3 position, or infinite position.

Should I purchase a Lift Chair with heat and massage?

Personally, I prefer electric throws and a vibrating back pad, but the heat and massage option is popular, especially in winter months. What you should know is that this feature does NOT turn your Lift Chair into a “massage chair” – it is more a “warmth and vibrate” feature. However, having everything at your finger tips (easy to use hand control) does make this an attractive feature.

Once your chair and fabric is selected you probably want to take in home delivery. Lift chairs are heavy and cumbersome (and we don’t want anybody to be injured). Finally, as in all motorized devices there inevitably comes the need for SERVICE. Having a company like (Mobility Plus of CA) with trained technicians brings you that all important peace of mind.

When you are ready to look at Lift Chairs, come into our showroom at 627 Galaxy Way in Modesto, or call with any questions Mon-Friday at (209) 552-2244.

Laurence R. Paschett
CEO, Mobility Plus of CA.


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