What is a TENS Unit and can it help?

More and more people are looking for natural (drugless) help with pain control. The two most popular items that we at Mobility Plus of CA. can help people with are TENS units and BRACING. I would like to help people understand a bit about TENS units by answering some frequently asked questions.
What is a TENS UNIT?

Transcutaneous electro neural stimulator. Otherwise known as TENS is a small hand held (battery powered) device that sends electrical current into soft tissues of the body through electrode pads. It is used to reduce both acute and chronic pain.
How do TENS UNITS work?

Soft pads (electrodes) are placed on or surrounding an area of pain which sends a circuit of impulses along neural pathways. Pain signals are blocked in the brain and it is believed that endorphins are also produced (natural pain killers).When used consistently (in accord with professional advice) people experience reduction in pain.
How do TENS UNITS help with pain control?

Many people use TENS for back pain. Most people benefitting from TENS have some kind of muscle, joint or bone problems, usually resulting from osteoarthritis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, or carpal tunnel syndrome
What types of TENS UNITS are available?

At Mobility Plus of CA. we primarily offer either wired or wireless TENS, with the wireless model being a bit more expensive. They all may be adjusted for different wavelength frequencies and for intensity of current. It is recommended that you receive professional help, as there are contraindications.
Do I need a prescription for a TENS UNIT?

No longer is a prescription required, as some TENS units have been classified as “over the counter” (OTC). However, if you are seeking insurance coverage for a medical TENS, then a prescription is needed.
How much do TENS UNITS cost?

Prices have come down over the years. At Mobility Plus of CA. a good over the counter TENS unit starts at $69, wireless models are slightly higher, and prescription controlled models will cost a bit more.

Yes, with some exceptions. You should call Mobility Plus to find out about coverage for your specific condition. I hope this brief overview has been helpful.

Laurence Paschett
CEO, Mobility Plus of CA

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