What do I need to know about POWERCHAIR repairs?


Today there is an abundance of “1-800” companies and other opportunists who often may operate in the “fly-in-fly-out” modes. You may appear to save money upfront, but because they do not maintain a local retail shop you will face many hidden PITFALLS and RISKS.

“Why is a local full service repair shop important to you?”

5 clear benefits of going to a full service repair shop for your Mobility Scooter repair, Powerchair, or any other durable medical equipment item.

    • Quick turn-around. Insurance repairs are not really a quick turn whereas cash can be. Most smaller local companies never outsource to “mobile mechanics” which means that your frustration of long delays will be minimized.
    • Direct customer accountability. The “Fly-in-fly-out” company has no local physical presence, with little motive or genuine need to care about you. With a local business reputation with a BBB rating of A+, and being in it for the long haul has more at stake. This means you receive all-around better service.
    • Getting it right the first time. Be forewarned with ANY small repair, uncertainty that fixing one issue won’t lead to other repairs at the same time or soon. Age of the unit is a good indicator, but not always. You definitely want a company that specializes in these types of repairs with a highly trained staff that can give you quality service as well as reliable advice. A retail shop is far more likely to care about customer satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals.
    • Is your repair handled locally? There is a huge benefit to being able to come in to local technician, even some that speak spanish and have him the capabilities to diagnose your Mobility Scooter or Powerchair. Knowing a shop will be right here for any future needs means more peace of mind for you.
    • Quality parts. We all live in an age of Asian manufacturing standards ever competing with lower pricing. While somebody may “have it cheaper” smart customers need to know, “How long will those batteries last, and how reliable are they?” Mobility Plus of California uses parts that come straight from the same manufacturer that your equipment was built in. This means more value for your money. We never put your long term satisfaction in jeopardy with cheap parts.

Hope that helps!

Laurence R Patchett, CEO
Mobility Plus of CA
(888) 466-5533
627 Galaxy Way, Modesto CA
Open: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 and Saturday 9:00-3:00

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