What do I need to know about Disability Access?

What do I need to know about Disability Access?

 Mobility freedom and accessibility really does make lives better, and for many people the change is dramatic. I know just how difficult it can be when you feel “trapped” in your body with physical problems which stop you from doing your normal life routines. At those times when my back just did not work right I have used a powerchair or a scooter to get around, and it was always a Godsend. Here is a quick overview of Mobility and Accessibility solutions:

Getting around without the risk of falling: Owning great basic products like a ROLLATOR, WHEELCHAIR or TRANSPORT CHAIR, SCOOTER, or POWERCHAIR are the essentials to provide the security and peace of mind of safe mobility.

Getting up and transferring safely at home: People commonly suffer with some degree of knee or back problems. KNEE BRACES and BACK BRACES are covered by Medicare and can be a big help in stability and preventing injury. A LIFT RECLINER is an important purchase to consider. Here you get a nice piece of comfortable furniture that does the lifting for you.

For safe transfers in and out of the tub, it is inexpensive to buy a BATH BENCH or TRANSFER BENCH. Many people also find great value in using GRAB BARS and SAFETY RAILS – Not to forget the advantage of a HOSPITAL BED or PATIENT LIFT when you or a loved one may be bed confined.

 Taking a Powerchair or Scooter with you: It is easy to justify the cost to have a hitch mounted or inside VEHICLE LIFT installed. With a vehicle lift, regaining mobility around town is both easy and a lot of fun! Be aware that these must be fitted for your vehicle, so be sure to work with a medical equipment specialist.

Improving you home accessibility: People want to stay in their home and avoid going into a Facility. The first things to look to purchase would be portable ramps, or to have a MODULAR RAMP installed. Have a professional home medical equipment company measure your steps to get the right ramps for your home.

If you want to stay in a multi-level or two story home, then consider having a STAIR LIFT installed. Working with a local company is by far the best way to go. You want to be able to choose from different brands and also have somebody available for repairs.

For people with limited space for access ramps you may want to consider the purchase of a 4-6 foot PORCH LIFT to effortless elevate you to the entry door.

Advanced bath safety, including Walk in tubs and showers: The first bath safety purchase may be a BATH BENCH or BATH LIFT. However for long-term safety you may want to consider purchasing a WALK-IN TUB or a BARRIER-FREE SHOWER. Work with home medical equipment company with a CEAC (certified home access consultant) on staff, so you get just the right equipment for you.

For more information or to discuss your needs, please call MOBILITY PLUS OF CA. (209) 552-2244. Or Visit our showroom at 627 Galaxy Way in Modesto.

Hope that helps!

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