What can I do to Relieve Pain Naturally?

What 40 Years of Experience has taught me

Acute pain in a neck at the young women.

I have been experimenting with different natural health remedies and modalities for nearly 40 years now, and as I age, this has become an increasingly important topic. In general I like to think of this entire subject as mostly one of circulation. This means not only blood and lymph, but of neural impulses as well. Our brain relies heavily on circulation for oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal. This is critical in determining how much pain we will or will not experience.

Here are my top 12 suggestions. They all can help with pain and improve sleep quality. Please consult your doctor to make sure they are safe for your condition.


#1. Take walks, moving every joint freely.

#2. Take 20 minute (not too hot) Epsom salt baths, especially after massage or exercise. This is a great pain reducer, especially for pain in the joints.

#3 Drink a minimum of 1 ½ quarts of water for every cup of coffee, another 1 1/2 quarts for daily maintenance, and another 1 ½ quarts to help process the supplements you are taking.

#4 Include focused gentle stretching in your regular daily relaxation routine. Purchase some Thera Bands and a Gym ball will aid tremendously in easily accomplishing your stretches. You may also buy foam wedges or gel rolls (     ) for extra support. Make sure you are warmed up and do not overdo your exercises.

#5 Hot/Cold Therapy: In the warmer months I like intermittent use of cold packs to boost circulation. In the cooler months I highly recommend microwavable neck wraps, or even full back pads, which are tremendous pain reducers and sleep aids.

#6 Learn relaxation exercises (AKA quieting). Lie down quietly in a comfortable place, with calming sights, sounds, smells and practice deep breathing while clearing your heart and mind of clutter and disturbance.


#7. Improve circulation and relieve knots with home massage. This can be a good quality foot massager, neck massager, a full massage chair, or anybody with sensitive fingers who can work out those trigger points..

#8 Electro stim (tens) to stimulate nerve impulse/circulation

#9 Use herbal oils and analgesic balms with menthol to stimulate a calming effect and enhance circulation.

#10 Encourage natural spinal alignment. Tremendous benefits can be had over time using a neck cervical traction device. I especially like the (Dual action disc rehydrator)

#11 Use key dietary supplements to reduce pain. Vitamin C, D, E, Magnesium, and Fish oil have been show to assist in pain reduction. Many people suffer from underactive thyroid. If that is you, taking nutritional grade iodine can boost metabolism, reduce pain, and help you enjoy life more.

#12 Boost endorphins naturally: Feeling good physically is generally a result of feeling good mentally and emotionally. More than anything else I have found that we all can do a “heart check.” Find out what your heart is saying. Pay attention and take action. It may be letting go of something that you lost anyway. It may be forgiveness. It may be an action of contrition or renewal of faith. It often is as simple of being good to yourself so that you are content and grateful enough to have something to offer others. The result will be a reduction in pain and increase in enjoyment of life.

All of these 12 suggestions are easy to do, and most of them are available to anybody. The benefit of taking charge of our lives like this, is that we need less (or no) medications, all of which come with side of effects (ie harm to our bodies).

Laurence R Patchett
CEO, Mobility Plus of CA.


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