What do I need to know about POWERCHAIR repairs?

October 27, 2015 0

Today there is an abundance of “1-800” companies and other opportunists who often may operate in the “fly-in-fly-out” modes. You may appear to save money upfront, but because they do not maintain a local retail […]

How can I prevent falls?

October 27, 2015 0

There is actually a graduating scale for the different durable medical equipment solutions that can be used to help provide stable mobility and prevent falls. For most people it begins with a Rollator (walker with […]

When Should I Consider a Knee Walker?

October 25, 2015 0

Everybody knows about crutches. They are uncomfortable, painful to use, and just plain cumbersome. In addition, they don’t entirely keep us off our injured foot or ankle. A few years ago companies starting making “knee […]

What is a TENS Unit and can it help?

October 13, 2015 0

More and more people are looking for natural (drugless) help with pain control. The two most popular items that we at Mobility Plus of CA. can help people with are TENS units and BRACING. I […]

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