How can I prevent falls?

What is the best kind of equipment?

There is actually a graduating scale for the different durable medical equipment solutions that can be used to help provide stable mobility and prevent falls.

For most people it begins with a Rollator (walker with seat, brakes, back rest, and underseat bag or basket). When lower extremities (legs) lack strength or stability, the scale moves up to a manual wheelchair. These are either standard weight, lightweight, or ultra-light weight. The right wheelchair will depend on the user’s upper mobility (arm and shoulder) strength.

Wheelchairs are widely covered by insurance, and this is certainly something that Mobility Plus can help you with. If insurance is not used, then the price is fairly low, and our customer service staff can give you the support you need in making the right purchase decision.

The best items for fall prevention are Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs. The good news about Powerchairs is that Medicare, Medi-Cal and just about every other insurance recognizes the benefits of Powerchairs for fall prevention.

Both powerchairs and mobility scooters are under the heading “power mobility devices” and they come in all shapes and sizes. While a primary reason to own one is fall prevention, it may simply be to get around safer and quicker (actually this is mostly the case for mobility scooters).

For simplicity sake, the decision to obtain a power mobility device comes in two main categories: “I want mobility assistance in my home” or “I want mobility outdoors” so let’s look at both. (I realize them many people want to use their scooter or powerchair both indoors and outdoors but I would like to profile each situation).

I have used a mobility scooter indoors (because I have the trunk strength and upper body mobility to handle to tiller operated vehicle). I loved it because it was narrow enough to navigate in my home rather well. However, If your need is mostly indoors, you probably want a Powerchair. When I used the Powerchair in my home, the big benefit was turning around in small spaces such as the kitchen. It was the ideal indoor power mobility device.

While many people love taking their Powerchair outdoors to go just about anywhere, the Mobility Scooter is just more fun outdoors, if your physical condition will support it.

Cost is always a consideration. Powerchairs are insurance covered when ambulation has become unsafe in the home, or self propelling a manual wheelchair is ruled out. This means usually there is no cost to you. Mobility Scooters are only insurance covered when the person has sufficient strength to safely operate it, and the home is large enough to accommodate it.

By specializing in Power Mobility Devices since 2003 Mobility Plus has been able to bring the cost down to the lowest level allowed by the manufacturers. We offer a variety of different Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs in our Modesto Showroom. We also have a full service shop serving the Central Valley and Foothills. (Service can be a huge issue, if your supplier is not centrally located).

I encourage you to call or come in to Mobility Plus of CA. (627 Galaxy Way Modesto) Mon – Fri. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and help you try out the available options and models. It is important to gain the support of local mobility experts to help give you confidence in making the right decision.

Mobility Plus provides full IN-HOME services throughout the Central CA Valley and Foothills communities (sales, rentals, loaners, repairs). We are here to make live better, and fall prevention is one of the things we can help you with.

There are many things to consider, and are here to help you with fall prevention concerns.

Laurence R. Paschett
CEO, Mobility Plus of CA.


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